"To live is a rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all" 
- Oscar Wilde

"But first, life" is a concept created for the average student and busy individual by the average student herself. We all have our dreams and desires and goals that we want to achieve, but in order to do so we must conquer life at first. Therefore "But first, Life" was created as a platform for the average student and hard worker to gain inspiration, learn tips and tricks and be able to improve their work ethic, moral and dedication to their work.

The website is created as a side blog for Studyspiration - the tumblr blog where daily study motivation and inspiration along with tips and tricks are a norm. But in order to conquer school and doing good in life, a lot more things than the right study methods needs to be learned, which lead to the creation of this website. As a medical student myself I knew how important it was, especially when moving out, that there needed to be somewhere where recipes that were healthy without taking a break on the wallet and tips and tricks for the busy person needed to be accessable - and so that is what I will bring. I give you the way to live life, on a low budget and a lot of things to do.

Work hard & Stay dedicated


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