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Youtube is a media that has made its mark for the past few years and has become very popular, and although many might think it, this media is not only a platform for youtube personalities but also many series that a very large audience can indulge in.

There are five of these series that I find very appealing, and that I often like to watch during my study breaks or just to get my mind of things. This is a compilation of documentary style videos that I find very entertaining, some from the eyes of the large fashion industry, some from the eyes of a boy who wanders around the world and some from the perspective of the many different people around whole world.

The Vogue youtube channel is the host of many different series that I have found myself loving lately. Two of these are:

  • 73 questions - In this mini series different celebrities and "big names" get asked 73 different questions. In this video you follow these people who are being questioned around in their own households, the vouge head station or just at their work space. It is all a written script - ofcourse the questions are answered truthfully - but a whole set up is made which is both somewhat comedic and very interesting to watch.
  • Inside the wardrobe of - Now this is a less scripted series, but so inspiring and such a treat to the eye (if you are fond of fashion). In this series you get an insight into the wardrobe of fashion icons as well as a personal insight into their personalities with the "chapter two" of the series that is a small mini interview ofcourse revolving around style. 
Now the world is much bigger than fashion, and something I often find taking my mind of the stress of my everyday life is getting an insight into this magnificent world that we live in - seeing life from the eyes of strangers. Seeing people have an opinion and see just how small our world is really makes my mind wander of my issues and makes me embrace life.
  • Sweet tales - This series is a mini documentary that takes you out and about in Japan and introduces you to the countries sweet cuisine. Their old videos do not have english subtitles however the new ones do. In these discoveries you get up close with the cooking of the food, the personal history of the people who create the food and the relation that they have with this certain type of sweets. It is heart warming and truthfully very lovely to watch. 
  • 24 hours in - A youtube series started by the young Jack Harries who owns the youtube channel Jacksgap (which the series appears on). In this series he discovers a city in 24 hours. These videos are not that long and contain highlights of the trip, but well editied and really a nice insight to a different culture and a real treat to the eye as well. 
  • Around the Word - And last but not least is a youtube series by the channel Cut Video in this series they go around the world and they interview different people with different backgrounds about the same subject, for example there was the video "America around the world" where you can get an insight to what kind of stereotype that have been built about America in different locations.

Most importantly, and what all of these videos have in common is the discovery of something new. Its about opening up your eyes for something that you might not have stumbled upon in your everyday life, its about getting an insight into the different people that are around you in the world, and just realizing how small the world is after all.

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