Fall wardrobe essentials


Fall essentials

With the heat of the summer slowly dissappearing and the cold signs of falls slowly appearing, it is also a time for us to rethink our wardrobe and wear very different clothing, because in the fall a pair of shorts and a tank top is no longer passable and we need to adapt our wardrobe to the new found weather.

The leather jacket. The leather jacket is a great investment to make for the fall time, especially around that time when the weather is between warm and cold, and there is no need too buy a winter coat yet,but there is also no need to wear nothing.

A good leather jacket doesn't always have to be 100 % leather. The only way to make a leather jacket last is however by taking good care of it. Don't bother investing a lot of money in a jacket that you don't bother caring for, because it will be damaged then.

Ankle boots. Ankle boots are always ideal for the fall. They keep the feet warm and they are really cute. Ankle boots are beautiful with or without heels and they work for almost every outfit possible, so invest in a good pair, because they can last you a great deal of the fall (some even for years if they are taken really good care of)

Boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable, they are cozy, and they are beautiful to wear during the fall with a sweater on top. It is the most ideal pair of pants for the lazy girl that does not bother with the struggle of putting on skinny jeans and the most ideal for the person who strives in comfort. I would recommend to wear a pair of pantyhoes underneath if the weather is cold and the pair that you have invested in are ripped.

The peplum top. If the colder times also calls for more formal times then a peplum top is ideal. The amazing shape of the top will allow you to create an illusion of a smaller waist line, which is ideal for a time where all you want to do is put on a pair of boyfriend jeans and give up the skinny ones.

Adapting into fall is most importantly about embracing the new season. Take a cup of chocolate, enjoy it under a blanket with a good book.

Put on those ankle boots, take on that peplum top and conquer the world

Work hard & stay dedicated


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