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In the process of still moving into a small apartment, I am still actively looking for ways to design and decorate my new place.It has struck that just placing a bed and a table will not be enough, because this will for many be an area that one will live in for a few years, and thats why it is important to take that time out and create a "homely" sense of style in the apartment, so that not only will your happiness improve, but overall your life quality will be much better. 

I have collected a few pictures, which I am trying to get inspired by and try to apply something from each in my new place. I know that some of the furniture on the pictures migh seem expensive, and in many occassions students don't have a great deal of money (fortunately I am in Europe and I recieve monthly "student" checks for attending school), and I have also been saving up for my movement. But if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have quite the money, and you really haven't been saving up, then flee markets and garage sales are always an option. 

But either way the most essential thing is making it your own and making your own mark.

Work hard and stay dedicated


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