7 reasons to work hard


Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we are about to give up on everything. Where everything we have worked for just seems like wasted time and we don't want anything to do with it, and so we loose that little grain of motivation that we had left. That little ounce of ambition. But that is something that we should never let go of. Something that we should cherish and that we should pursue. 

I know the feeling of not being able to get further than where you are at, and so you want to quit. So about a year ago I decided that I should make a list where I write down reasons for my hard work, and why I should not quit. And so here are 10 of those points written on the list. Things that should make you think twice. 

  1. Think about how far you have come - is it worth letting go of all that you have accomplished? 
  2. Hard work leads to many qualities - Even if you don't accomplish your goals you will have earned many other qualities that will lead you on to your next adventure, such as good work ethic and disciplin
  3. Failing can help sending in the right direction - If you never try you will truly never know what you are capable of
  4. If you let go now you will never know what might come next - Many authors have been told no up to many times and yet they are now best selling authors and millionairs - what if your next move will bring you a "yes" instead of a "no" and change your whole life. 
  5. The further you go, the more knowledge you will have obtained - which means that you are now more educated, and although it might not have made your big break through in a certain field, you will have gained experience that might be very beneficial in another field that you will find more comfortable and make you more eligibal to overcome tasks that others might not have a great insight to. 
  6. Think about the future that is in store if you succeed - Think about how financially stable you might become, how people will have an automatic respect for you. How you will be able to not limit yourself.
  7. The more you get insight into a field, the more oppurtunities you will have - Once you want to explore and decide to go further, you will automatically as a result of working hard be more aware of what this certain thing can bring you. 
Just don't let go of your dreams until something along the way seems way more clearer and more suitable for you. Don't give up because you never feel like overcoming that slightly small task.

Work hard & stay dedicated


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