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When we are on campus, the most desired outfit is easy and comfortable, but this will in many cases just lead up to sweatpants and a t shirt. Now although many might believe that fashion in that sense does not play an important rule when attending college or university, it is indeed wrong. Wearing clothing that makes you feel good - because lets be honest in many cases sweat pants just leads us up to feeling nasty and sloppy which can affect your work ethic - whilst putting an effort into the clothes you are bearing can lead to better work performance as a result of increased confidence - subconcious or obvious, anyway it works.

So I have been scrolling around pinterest. You can check mine out here!. And I have made a collection of outfits that are cute, comfortable and can be modified to once liking without taking away that sense of style or glam (for example placing the heels with sneakers) 

Here is therefore the first weekly fashion roundup where inspiration and style is the key 

Work hard & stay dedicated 


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