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They say that the work space determines how much effort one really puts into their work. To me the desk has always been my work space, and I have always been very particular when it came to how it looked. It was always important to me that I kept it clean, that I made it look presentable enough for me to do my work on, and it might sound snobby but I always appreciated how much respect that I gave my homework, how much of an effort I made. Because to me my home work was important it was the fundament for my future, and I had determined right from the start I would not let my homework seem like trash, that I would not make it seem like such a drag for me to do, instead I respected it, and I appreciated it which has resulted in a minor love for beautiful desks and my never ending search for beautiful ways to optimize my work area - the desk

Therefore I have created a collection of desks that inspire me - and might inspire you, but anyway they are certainly beautiful to just watch

Work hard & stay dedicated


All pictures can be found here!

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